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Eskrima (a.k.a Arnis) is a sword fighting system within the Filipino Martial Arts that incorporates sticks and Kali in its fighting style. This combat style is usually called Arnis in the Philippines; the word Kali, which is often used in the United States and in Europe, is not commonly heard in the Philippines. However, because of its popularity and influnce outside of the country, the term Kali is now slowly being accepted in the field.

Simplicity in the methodology of teaching Escrima is the key to its gaining popularity. Escrima masters have systematized into basic patterns to help this martial art flourish within the Philippine Islands. In the past, escrima was used to teach a village how to protect themselves from foreign invasion and individual protection. Consequently, the effectiveness of the system in combat and self defence garnered the attention of the martial art realm in the recent years. However the word simplicity of teaching must be confused with the simplicity of the art, advanced form patterns and techniques of escrima takes years to master. Its effectivity is not outrightly learned, it is only in constant practice that the effectivity of the basics will be seen.




Equipments and Weapons


Arnis Jendo

Grandmaster Jonathan Makiling Abaya

Arnis Jendo or the Abaya Arnis System is a stick-fighting system formulated by Grandmaster Jonathan Makiling Abaya. It is fighting method that uses the most economical and scientific system. Grandmaster Abaya is the founder and President of the Philippine Jendo Association based at Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Arnis Nicolas System

see the main article Arnis

Modern Arnis Mano-Mano Filipino Martial Arts is duly recognized and registered by the Philippine Government under by the Security Exchange Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry with Registry Number 00156129. The MAMFMA was first registered July 21, 1995 and the logo name of Modern Arnis Mano-Mano Filipino Martial Arts was copyrighted at the National Library, Manila on October 6, 1995 with Copyright registry no. O 95-1006 by Punong Lakan Garitony C. Nicolas which he called Arnis Nicolas System (ARNIS). The Arnis Nicolas System promotes the classical, traditional and modern approach of teaching the principles and philosophy of the art of stick fighting - Arnis.

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