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An Aikijutsu joint lock

Aikijutsu is a martial art of unarmed combat derived from the movements of Japanese swordsmanship. It is a subtle, complex martial art using mostly circular movements and emphasizes aiki. Its offensive techniques are divided into two major categories: projections and immobilizations. Students learn to blend with an attack, then either throw or control the attacker with a potentially painful joint lock.


Aikijutsu literally means "the skill of united energy." It was created in the 12th century by the Minamotos, a famous Samurai clan, and is similar to Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. Thus, though it became known to the general public only recently, the art is in reality many centuries old.


In most other arts, strength and speed are stressed in almost every situation. Aikijutsu stresses a softer and slower type of movement, with power to be added only after perfect technique is achieved. Most of the techniques, when done properly, require only a few ounces of pressure to execute effectively.

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